Instagram, new options for editing and discovery

Instagram for iOS and Android now allows you to edit the photo captions and search for people to follow in the Explore section. Instagram, new options for editing and discovery

Instagram has announced an update to the operating systems of Apple and Google, which introduces two interesting innovations. Instagram 6.2 for iOS and Android 6.10, allows time to change the image captions and faster to find people to follow. The new editing capabilities and integrated discovery in the two apps will surely be appreciated by the users, who often use photo sharing service.


Instagram New Features :

Instagram is very popular among those who share photos of each type. The rush to publish the last shot, however, could cause some embarrassment, almost always due to self-healing technology of the text. In other cases, however, you forget to add an emoji that best illustrates the meaning of the words associated with the image. These two “problems” will no longer occur in the future, with the ability to change the caption after sharing . To make the editing operation, simply tap the button with the three dots under the photo and then the Edit heading. Similarly, you can change the location associated with the image.

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The second change concerns the Explore section. In the lower part of the screen is visible above all the new icon, or a magnifying glass. After opening the section, users will see two tabs: Photos and People . The first was unchanged and displays the traditional grid of photos and videos. The second one allows you to find the most interesting accounts to follow.

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Other small changes are the icon of the profile (the silhouette of a person) and suggestions as you type in the search box. The app is still in beta and the last updated in March.Visit For More on Gadget Deputy.

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